Car Stats: Speed vs Instant Mpg

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This is using the built in scatter plot in Torque. 

  • Limited to {I chose} 2000 samples; after which it starts to get weird.
  • Logging every second.

The question I have: Is it really that much more gas efficient to drive slower on the interstate?

Answer:  I can’t tell yet.

speed vs instant mpg

  • This is from a drive around the interstate.. starting from Blankenbaker Parkway (Zaxby’s parking lot), out to the mall, up I264, up I71, to the rest area before Crestwood.
  • I tried not being obnoxious driving 55 .. even though it’s the speed limit, its relatively quite slow.  I think the stretch from Hurstbourne to I264 is downhill.  50MPG?
  • Interestingly, I’m seeing some indication that driving 75 vs driving 65 is more efficient – however, that might have been related to the big truck in front of me.  There was a lot of traffic, made it harder to do the experiment.
  • It looks like the “worst” mpg gets barely worse, but the “best” mpg is much better at lower speeds. 
  • To get this, I had to export to a file on my droid, and then email myself the file, then edit it in Paint.Net.

I’ve figured out a better way to get this data long term, will revisit this later with more data. (next post!)

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