Car Stats: Boogers! Foiled!

Minor setbacks in my Car Stats Gathering Solution.

Firstly, the repeated exposure to the really cold temperatures in the car, seems to have done something to my Droid battery.  It no longer charges when hooked up to the “normal” chargers; I had to hook it up to a 2.1A ipad-level USB port to get it to charge.  Rut-roh.  (Luckily my brother in law has given me his extra batteries from when he had a Droid, so I might have a spare.. but I may not be able to leave it in the car during the winter.  Data logging might be over for the time being).

Secondly, I found out I’m uploading the wrong folder. [Maybe].  

  • I was uploading /mnt/sdcard/.torque/tripLogs/<timestampfoldername>/<stuff>
  • The log that it generates is actually /mnt/sdcard/torqueLogs/*.csv

No problem.  I synced up the other folder instead, and…

None of my code works anymore!

The reasons are:

  • the torqueLogs csv files – very often have multiple headers (it writes to the same file twice in one driving?)
  • these log files are in the units that the app is set to, ie, miles per hour instead of km/h.   Thus, all my column names are off.

I’m going to have to do some refluctoring.  Or, decide that I like reading from Torque’s internal “triplog” (I found the separate option for turning this on/off) more than the “tracklog”. 

Also, I’m having trouble getting PeasyCam to work in Processing, it gives me some fun exceptions.   More on that later, when its more baked, but basically trying to do 3D renderings of Long,Lat,Time to determine the differences between the many routes I can take to work. There’s a lot of filtering and scaling work to do yet.

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2 thoughts on “Car Stats: Boogers! Foiled!”

  1. My first droid had terrible problems with cold. My porch door leaked a bit in the winter, and my charger was by the door. When I left my phone over night to charge, it would not work in the morning. Thinking it was the battery, i swapped it. Thinking it was the phone I returned it.
    Only when I moved the phone away from the cold charging place did it start to work properly all the time.

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