The Purpose Of This Blog (and deriving posting patterns)

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure exactly what or why I was doing it.  Maybe, I wanted to be famous like Hanselman.   Maybe, I wanted to derive some ego from it.    Maybe, I wanted to feel that my geekiness could be appreciated by some. 

It is clearer now.  Today, there are several components:

  • I hope my peers read it, and get it.    And thus, get to know me a little bit better.  I am a social being, and I have a need to be known.  And unfortunately, I don’t game, I’m married, with a teenager who makes our lives interesting, and I don’t work out a lot, so there seems to be little overlap with my peers.    But yeah, this is all a part of me.
  • When I run into somebody at CodePaLousa or the .Net Meetup Group, I’d love to hand them a card with the blog’s URL on it, just so that I have a “brand” that I could be identified by.   I no longer want to be the Anonymous Software Developer who seeks to Prove Himself to You via Resume.  That is so.. un-networked.  (And no, I’m not looking, thank you very much)
  • Building on the previous point – I hope that in the future, if somebody is interested in hiring me – they’re hiring ME, not just my skills.  ME the person.   I’m hoping that I’ll have the this blog to document myself – my intent, my sparkle, my love of people, love of process, love of teamwork, love of Geeky STUFF.   This is a gamble – that WHO I AM is a valuable asset, much more than whatever skills I am currently current at.

This decision, realization, understanding yields some side effects:

How Often Will I Update

I tried to be the “constant content creator.”  One post a week, on Fridays.  When I had a lot of stuff happen AND documented, I tried to stretch the posts out into the future, to have a series.   It felt like I was lying – withholding myself to increase market share or some silly thing.   Way too full of myself.   I’m not going to do that again.

Today:  I had the time, I had the keys, and I think this is my Third Post of the Day. (W00T!)   Then there might not be anything for a while, till the buffer fills up again.  And I get time to dump it out into a post.

Does this Blog Really Represent Me, or is it just a big Advertisement

Pretty much everything that goes on here is 100% indicative of me. (Although the inverse is not true: I am NOT 100% this blog, I am much more than this.. at least 3 circles more, which are off-topic here).     [But, if this was an advertisement, could I say this and be lying… ?   *ouch my brain hurts*]

If you know me in person, you will pretty quickly figure out:  I am incapable of subterfuge, of keeping up a pretense, of keeping a poker face, of being fake.    This yields some interesting awkward moments.  But it also keeps my life simple.  I like simple.  I tried complicated, that disintegrated under its own gravity into nothingness. 

What do I seek

I don’t think I’m going to discover something big, or write the most awesome anything (anymore (I used to)).   Nor do I seek to make people think really hard about abstract ideas.   Pretty much, I’m trying to figure out: 

  • How can I make sense of things
  • How can I make things better
  • How can I be of service

At least, that’s what I *think* this blog is about.   8 months after starting it.   Maybe another year will bring something different, but I doubt it.   

What now?

I have no clue.  I think with this, my buffer is clean.    Tomorrow is going to be all about family stuff.. 6 of us going to a WWE event!     Maybe next weekend..  who knows what will be brewing in me by then.


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