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Derek Sivers wrote a blog post – “Seeking Inspiration?”  – which talks about the ratio of consuming to creating.  My interpretation — Some people consume a lot, don’t create, and end up constipated.   I think what he was actually saying is, the moment of their inspiration is lost, because they don’t turn it into action.  

I’ve been looking at my life lately, and best I can figure:  I’ve been creating too much – in areas of my life that, while they are important (mostly, videos and songs), they don’t apply to my work (security) – and as thus, I’ve had less “bank” available for creating at my day job.

So, while I have a list of projects that I would love to work on:

  • Cam’s last baseball game of the season ..  I have some awesome footage!!!
  • The Color Run 5k – I had a front and back camera through the race.  I suspect people were being goofy behind my back.   I have not reviewed the footage yet.
  • Song for family member #1 – definitely high energy – June 19th
  • Song for family member #2 – them requested is “Motown” – June 21st
  • Song for family member #3 – theme as yet undecided – early July (5th?)
  • Find, and hook up, and create, some DVD’s that have been requested since January
  • Old Family Photos from the 1950’s thru 80’s – interview and create adjoining commentary – create family video

I also have some other things that are important for me to do:

  • Visit mom next weekend
  • Start swimming.  To build core muscles.  I have a weekly date with my father in law and his pool that we need to start taking action on.
  • Get back to being regular on nutrition
  • Get back to being regular on working out & running (superset of #2)

And then there’s the thing that (I feel) has been lost:

  • Be creative and awesome at work, rather than just reacting.

There’s some things that I really don’t need to spend any time on, other than as brain-rechargers:

  • Play Firefall the Game – this usually takes up more time than I intend to allot to it.

So, I have to put my non-work creative efforts on hold, and do maintenance actions for a while.   At least a week, maybe two.   Then phase them back in, one at a time. 

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