YMCA Oldham County Days 5k Video!

I did it!   I’ve edited together yet another 5k race video!

Yet Another Caption


This time, my workflow:

  • Don’t pick and choose, stabilize ALL the running camera video.   I carved them up into 2 minute sections, and spent several days clicking stabilize, and walking away.   Some day I should figure out some batch automation for this.
  • Use a 720p format, so I get an automatic clip of the 1080p stabilized footage. 
  • I did not go dual screen this time.  I got everybody on camera as they left, rather than as they came in.  Side effect: less work!
  • Strategic use of “cross” vs “dip” to hint at when a story line was changing.
  • I had some problems with picking a consistent font.   Some day, I’ll find a font I like.
  • Once the music started, I was able to cut/trim/fit the running video to the music. 

I only had two stories I could really tell in interview style:

  • History of the race (thank you Bill!)
  • Hot.

But I managed to fit in some little tidbits:

  • Downtown LaGrange.. Oldham County days.. band playing, etc.
  • The 1 mile is a different route than the 5k for this race.  Which means, you can see the 1 mile winners on their way back!
  • The interrupting Tra…  “Toot Tooot” …ain. 

Guest appearances:

  • The guy in the golf cart is Corey, he runs the indoor soccer program for the Y.
  • Shannon runs Oldham County Physical Therapy, they are wonderful.  They fixed me up after ITBand’11.
  • Bill the sign guy helps with signage at almost all the local races.  Including the PPJ10mi.
  • 1st place winner lady = last year’s overall winner.
  • 1st place winner guy Sean R = former soccer teammate of my stepson’s.
  • A bunch of the winners are related to each other.   There’s a family who is in to running.   I should interview them some time.

It’s a bit harder with the camera on the front.  If I run hard, my hands get in the way.  On the other hand, with the camera on my head, stabilizing the footage is much harder.   I wonder If I can find a nice person with a running stroller for the next race, put the camera on the stroller.. Hmmm..

The next one up is Fastline 5k.  I know almost nothing about Fastline (the printing company) .. I guess I’ll get to find out!

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