Caffeine Withdrawal 3.0

Third time in my life, I’m withdrawing from caffeine.

I wrote a blog post about it at version 2.0 – here: 

Actually, that post was written AFTER being off caffeine for a while and then starting back up again.

This line struck me as particularly insightful:

When I am decaffeinated & on the wagon.. and have gotten through withdrawal.. my mental pattern is .. not so exciting, doesn’t have “spikes”, but its definitely functional.  And there isn’t that large lake of sleepiness underneath it all.

And that is why I’m back off it again.   I was getting non-functional.  And my life was getting unmanageable.

Day 7 of no Caffeine .. I now only have to take an Advil every 6 hours to ward off the stab-me-in-the-eye headache.

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