Fastline 5k 2013

Race #3 of the four part series.

“video caption here”
  • I found out that Judge David Voegele is also in charge of the local origination Cable TV channel. (I don’t get cable anymore, so I can’t check it out for myself).  He also puts some of the same stuff up on his youtube channel.  He believes greatly in getting community input, showcasing Oldham County .. and he’s willing to come out on a Saturday to a race to take video for it.  He asked if I had any video I could contribute to his editor; I gave him the bulk of what I had, but I have no idea if they used any of it or not.  It shouldn’t matter, I’m happy to help out. 
  • I kept the chest-mount and this time, I stabilized, then sped up, all the race video .. at 20x speed .. to get the full course covered in a reasonable amount of time.   Initially I had it at 1600%, but that was very jittery; at 20x speed due to a 180bpm cadence  ~= 10 frames per step, things evened out and the jitteriness went away. 
  • It was fun learning about FastLine, the company.  Till then I had no idea what they did other than “print stuff”. 
  • It was fun learning about the system that Brian Ruggles put in place for tabulating race results.
  • I used some excellent music from Kevin MacLeod as filler during the video, and especially for the awards presentation.

One more race to go.. the Apple Patch.  I have this idea in my head.. of taking the race video.. adding some Pole Position sound track to it.. or maybe Mario Kart.. have a speedometer (with real numbers of course), and a “which position am I” (as calculated backwards from my finishing position).. that would be a ton of fun.. for me.

However, I’m also running out of subscription to Adobe Premiere.  We’re redoing our budgeting, and $30/month is too steep for my allowance, so I’m letting it go for now.  I will renew it if I have to.

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