A Visit to Bricks and MiniFigs

I’ve always loved LEGO’s.    When I found out that Louisville got a Bricks and MiniFigs (franchise) store, I had to go check it out.   (Prices should be visible if you zoom in on the pictures)

Yes, they have Minifigs


Yes, they have New-In-The-Box Sets


Yes, they have Used Sets – some parts may be the wrong colors, accessories might be missing


(The price got cropped.  It was $80)

They have Tubs of Loose Bulk Parts that you can buy:



I don’t see myself making any purchases there anytime soon.  I have no specific projects in mind; I do have a desire to build some of the sets I’ve seen go by over the years, but it would be more cost effective for me to get an account with Pley than to actually buy the sets, I think.  

Then again, for a large set, at $40/month .. suppose I do this for 3 months.. I don’t get to keep any of the sets.. $120.. Hmm.   Maybe I’ll revisit that.

Author: sunnywiz


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