Topological Relief map of Ames, multicolor

I did a random search for “Ames” in Thingiverse and I found this gem:


Seeing as I grew up in Ames, IA .. heck, I have two jobs and one house and my disc golf course on that map.. I was super excited to print it out.

Unfortunately, the model is HUGE and it has some problems.   I did what I could on short order .. 6.5cm (no scaling), at 0.3mm resolution.    I did use the three colors I had, by injecting some code into the generated gcode:

G1 X155 F4000

And this was the result:


Pretty nice as far as “striking”; fail in terms of detail.  I could do better.. XY scale x2, and 0.1mm depth?  Subdivide into N prints to get the XY resolution right?  I might need a bigger computer first, to do the slicing.. it topped out at 2.5GB of memory used, and “the wee laptop couldna’ handle it” (Scotty, Star Trek) (Nuclear Wessels).

Author: sunnywiz


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