Shapeways: Color Sandstone Dan

Its here!

image image


I was impressed at how well it was packed:


That’s some kid of primo bubble wrap where the air pocket extends across multiple cells; so any one cell receiving a blow.. it does NOT pop. 

It cost me $8.50 + $6.50 Shipping and handling.

The process to put this together, roughly:

  • Create a Hi-res and a low-res model (500 faces or so) from AgiSoft
  • Fix any glaring problems with the low res model
  • Add a Subdivision Surface modifier to the low-res model in Blender to give it back some curves, while retaining a simple geometry that you can edit by hand.
  • Toggling back and forth between high and low, add cuts and edge creases to get the shape correct.  (Usually: Ears, Nose, and Mouth; perhaps Eyes)
  • Export the subsurfed model back to Agisoft for texturing; then back to blender for sizing, and sending to Shapeways.

There’s an additional step around making holes to remove material; I will explain that more on the Lamont model next week.

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