Shapeways Single Color Plastic Print

I wanted to compare the quality of what Shapeways could do, with what I had.   TL;DR: Totally Worth It.

2014-06-19 11.25.10

  • The top cube is Shapeway’s Metallic Plastic (Polished).   The bottom one was printed by me, at 0.3mm.  Its not an apples-to-apples comparison; however, since the printer is packed up right now, I can’t do anything.
  • I cannot see the lines in their print.
  • I don’t have to deal with support structures in their print.    They have a support structure that gets laid down and then flows out where it was not bound with glue.
  • The cost of the print was $13 + shipping.  That’s almost pricey, except if you include time:  If I printed it, think about 2-3 hours of printing time + 0.5h of setup, and nowhere near the quality.

About the only place where my Solidoodle makes sense is making large prints at low resolution, or where I have unlimited time and a confined budget.  (I always have a confined budget).

Here’s the full picture:

2014-06-19 11.25.10 2014-06-19 11.26.10

There’s another experiment in here.  The blue cube, I left in my car for several days.  The heat has caused things to sag

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