A small victory

There’s a lot of change going on in my life… internal change.   A quick summary would be:  CPAP, sleep, goal setting, sticking to a schedule, kid moved out, gym.

Part of the goal setting thing was to not advertise them, so I won’t.. they have to stay personal, private, and accountable to important people.  What I will say is that this is the calendar I’m trying to stick to, with blessings from my partner:


The idea at first was to work out after work, as the gym is on the way home.  However, that ran into a few things:

  • I had to take the right Gym clothes with me at the start of the day
  • I had to transition from work to gym clothes and then back out to winter coldness
  • If I was going to bring home take-home, it had to be near the gym
  • I got home all sweaty

So, today, we reversed it.   I brought home takeout first, and then hung out with my darling, and THEN, with her blessing (I’m a little co-dependent at times), I went back out to the gym.. already in my gym clothes.

image It was awesomely wonderful!  I ran PI miles (3.14) .. there were less people there, I could get on the treadmill when I wanted.. I was not on a schedule so I ran an extra 15 minutes or so because I was feeling good.. heck, I was dancing on the treadmill.  Yeah, one of those guys.  Not sorry. 

And then I got home, did a few more messy things involving garbage, then took a shower.. transitioning to “self” time – which I’m spending typing up this blog post.

Life is Good. 

Separate post about picking up running again.   I forget what I’ve posted about already and what I haven’t.

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