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I got tired of looking at the top half of my stomach.     So, for this week at least:

  • I had my wife change my Facebook password.  BOOM instant 2.5-5 hours of life available.
    • Although, perhaps not.  Might be substituting it with reading twitter and slack.
  • I’m trying to stay away from Youtube, with the self-promise of “I’ll look at it on Friday”.   Probably another 4 hours a week.
  • Trying to get a walk in with the dog whenever possible.   2 so far, about 2.2 miles each.   Maybe a little jogging.
    • I was able to jog 1 mile at 145HR, about 13mins/mile, slightly downhill, yesterday.
  • Changing nutrition routines (one day so far, going on day two):
    • Day-start = water + bulletproof coffee, to avoid insulin spike, stay in (overnight) fat-burning longer.
    • When hunger re-hits, then a semi-healthy protein shake (made with some milk, so the carbs start to come in at this point).   This seems to be about 11am.
    • “Normal” food after that, when the hunger hits, seems to be about 2pm.
    • Any time I order something, try to split it in two / make two meals of it.    Eat the other one later.   Even if its 2-3 hours later.
  • I am not capturing nutrition info (yet).    Too much time load.
  • I have a standing swim-time with my father-in-law on Wednesdays.
    • I’m hoping to double that up with some Gym time on Wednesday mornings.
    • Ie, light-work-day, more self-care-day, in the middle of the week.


I just went from trial- to paid- on   It took some getting used to, but.. it works well (for me).  And, it has spouse-approval (to a certain extent), and spouse-involvement (the best part).    There are some things I wish:

  • I wish it could do budgets over 2 week periods.
  • I wish i could select a proposed transaction, a imported bank transaction, and say: “Hey you these were the same thing”.  It doesn’t match them unless they’re exact.
  • I wish i could trigger the bank import from the mobile app.

That’s it.  Otherwise, its a nice, FAST, friction-free environment to get .. not a handle.. but a balloon, on spending.  Its like Dave Ramsey’s cash envelopes, except digital.

Thanks to @waywardmage for the infectious enthusiasm.

Client Distribution

I once again find myself in the position where I have two clients for whom to do work.  In order to keep focus-ability, I’m forcing myself to reserve time for them ahead of time – like, “next week Tuesday i’ll devote to Client 1”.  This removes the anxiety of “am I doing the right thing” (as I do not have somebody above me, i have to be self-sufficient in context switching and priority setting).    Today is a beautiful day of coding for Client 1 (for the morning, with a clear priority list of tasks), and then some meetings, and then some Client 2 in the afternoon (new project, discovery / design phase, exciting stuff).

Of course if things are on fire, then things are on fire and that’s different.

House Things

  • We just got our garage cleaned out and organized!    YES!
  • Next up is a bathroom upstairs that needs re-done.  Or, there’s several rooms that need painting.
  • There’s a video security system that I need to take down, to give to my son, who would want it more than me.
  • I’m planning on devoting 3 evenings a week to house stuff for the month of August.

 Pet Projects / Folders

Derek Sivers (good egg) has a post that makes sense to me:  Possible Futures.

So, i have folders for the following projects, in terms of approximate sparkly- order:

  • A series of blog entries on testing.  I know a lot about testing, seems like more than most developers, and perhaps I should share it, and maybe cross-ref it against current testing literature out there, and maybe learn something.
  • Some day.. some day.. i’ll convert my car tracks into a nice 3-D sculpture.   I think about this when I commute.  I have a choice of about 4 routes, all of which seem about even.
  • I need to get rid of my 3D printer and supplies.   Psychic weight.  Anybody want them?  Needs a bit of work, i have all the replacement parts.
  • I want to get more Phillips Hue lights and set them up, however, not-wife-approved at the moment.
  • Get my back online.   I miss it.
  • Tweak my space-game code.  I would love to get it to navigate from one space port to another, with gravity enabled, and possibly a little autopilot.

These projects have fallen off the shelf, and probably won’t get put back on.

  • Front camera for my prius.
  • Will I ever play more Elite Dangerous?
  • Will I ever play more American Truck Simulator?

So, if you don’t hear much from me on this blog, well, that’s what I’m up to.    I tend to write blog articles when a) my life slows down, or b) my life is so fast that I need to level-set myself by writing about it.   This one is part of the latter.





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