No Post in October??

Wow.  I didn’t post at all in October.    Things I could have posted about, in no particular order:

  • My Birthday Present — Android Tablet in my car — configuration, usage
  • Trip to Las Vegas — 360 video
  • Segmenting work into Interruptible vs Focus vs People.
  • Further experiments in remembering every project I ever worked on and classifying them in various ways.
  • How much I’m liking how my workplace is developing.
  • Water leaks
  • Trip to Morgantown – 360 video of PRT.
  • Stranger Things
  • Running in Teslagear shoes — did a 5k in them!
  • Diagnosing, analyzing, and processing old emotional pain

But yeah, … its been crazy, and I haven’t had the bandwidth to do a proper post.

I did, however, update the … tagline? second line? of my blog.  Having watched Stranger Things Season 1, I really liked Dustin’s Line: “Why Are you Keeping This Curiosity Door Locked!”   … so yeah, inspired.

More time in the future.  Lots of things I could write posts on.   Later!


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