Sorting Watch Later by Video Length

EDIT – does not work anymore see comments

Something I do often – I sort my Watch Later list in Youtube by how long the videos are.  I think its “shortest video to get the quickest entertainment bang for my time” (which is semi sad).

I wanted to automate it.  Found several dead ends:   Youtube doesn’t let you use their App Scripts API to modify the Watch Later list, and the page doesn’t let you run a bookmarklet to load an external js file.

However, Chrome allows for snippets.. and some folks pointed out that I could use various other softwares (Greasemonkey? another name was given) for running arbitrary javascript on a page.

Ctrl-Shift-I, Sources, >>, Snippets

That’s my solution for now.   It gets what I need done.  I wish I could have done that more generically.

Thanks to Matt H. for pointing me down the path of Chrome snippets.  That dude is bright.

Author: sunnywiz


12 thoughts on “Sorting Watch Later by Video Length”

  1. Hey there! Does this still work for you? I was trying to run it, because I was getting a bunch of errors and I don’t know how to code at all. This post is from over a year ago, and youtube may be switched thing around.

    1. It stopped working within a few months. I don’t have time to revisit it at the moment.. I now watch a lot less / more specific stuff, usually listening in while doing dishes, so I don’t mess with the order much.

  2. Yeah, it stopped working within a few months of when i wrote it, Youtube does move things around a lot.
    Don’t have the time to revisit it.

    Good luck!

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