Sunny Gulati:

  • Started on a TRS-80 model III
  • Narrowly avoided DEC TTY 300’s in favor of VT100’s
  • Fell in love with Unix in the early 80’s
  • Has been a hobbyist, mud-developer, developer, IT guy, network admin, DBA, and then back to developer, and now with a splash of project leadership
  • Has loved C# and .Net since 2001 (beta program! Thank you UGS for sending me to Redmond!)
  • Has been working at igNew since 2011 – loving it
  • Loves to be of service wherever possible.

This blog is a step up from my previous “blog”. I started it because one of my clients said to me: “If you ever write about this subject on a blog, I want to read about it.” And.. here we are.

Contact info:  2013-04-26 21.44.33



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