I don’t even know anybody who was running.  My wife does.  Yet I have been so freaked out?

I think I’m grieving the loss of innocence.  Certainly not in me.. but maybe about this sport, Running, that I’ve just started doing.   I don’t know what it is, but my heart is heavy.  And my emotions have been coming out sideways… like really weird, wavy, driving, slamming the salt shaker down harder than normal, etc.

  • Denial –  Is this really happening?  Look at every news source, scrutinize, analyze, not satisfied with the words till I saw the carnage they described.  I did find pictures of the carnage.  It became real. I needed to know how real it was. 
  • Bargaining – Is there something, anything I can do?   Can I even write about it?  If I were in Boston…
  • Anger – I usually stuff this one.   I also usually go through this last.   Hey, the salt shaker.  Its there.
  • Depression – My wife asked, Honey, why are you so down?  I’m just down. 
  • Acceptance – Not quite there yet.

I had a different blog post in mind, something about a race I ran over the weekend.  That can wait for later this week.

Geeky Side Notes:

  • #HelpBoston – thank you God for there being beauty in humanity. 
  • – powered by  They became my main feed during the afternoon – well culled, well moderated, not a lot of hype, lots of facts, lots of helpful things, not a lot of speculation.  I don’t know if it was @abc15 (Arizona) that was doing the culling, or if it was some other agency (ABC overall?) but Very Good Job Done.  Thank you.
  • General thoughts of how my instinct is no longer to go to a news channel, but to find things that are more organic, more connected, more immediate – real people reporting what they are seeing, feeling, not a news organization regurgitating that which some PR person put together somehow.  
  • My coworker Dan had the idea of listening in to the EMS radio channels on the ground. 

Enough for today.  Will try to focus back to work tomorrow.