Crazy Backup Plan using Crashplan

-Original 7/25/2013- 

I don’t have the time left tonight to write this post proper.. so here it is really fast:

  • Hanselman rule of 3
  • 1TB to cloud from WHS Home Server v1 = expensive, no thanks.
  • BuddyBackup hit some problems with scale (possibly) (I tried them first)
  • Crashplan (free) saving the day.


Quirks / Details:

  • A Crashplan backup to a USB device, when taken over by sneakernet, can be “Imported” to seed a cross-internet backup.    The caveat is, its not so much an import, as it is a “start using this new location as the place to dump stuff and forget everything you knew before” – which is perfect.
  • Crashplan will not directly back up a network share, but if:
    • You run the Crashplan service as a user who has access to those shares
    • You create a symlink (MKLINK /D) from the hard drive to that share
    • Then CrashPlan can back it up.
    • image
    • image
    • image
  • Crashplan Network bandwidth bottleneck + Schedule to keep relationship with work on a good side.  (And asked for permission first)
  • imageimage
  • Same 3TB Ext HD used for both a WHSv1 Shares backup and a Crashplan Backup.
    • image
  • I had to block WHS from backing up the 3TB Ext HD to prevent needless usage of space
    • imageimage

Its been a fun ride.   Its not 100% synced yet .. but its more than half way there and hasn’t died yet.   Thumbs up

-Update 7/30/2013-

I can confirm that if:

  • you do a backup to a local folder on an external USB hard drive HD1 at \CrashPlan
  • you do an over-the-internet backup to a remote computer that is also saving to a USB hard drive HD2 at \CrashPlan
  • You can then sneakernet HD1 to the remote location, disconnect HD2, attach HD1 as the same drive letter
  • and Crashplan resumes just fine.  Ie, local storage and over the internet remote storage are compatible with each other.
  • Good job on the design, CrashPlan!

However, I did run into a problem at about the 900G mark: