Hot attic office mining ETH

I have an attic office that gets pretty hot during summer. Not too crazy, its insulated, but it gets hot. I have my ethereum miner (T-Rex) set with “shutoff at 70c, don’t start again till 60C”. I get there, and its running for a bit then off for a while… I turn on the AC .. This is what happens: (see cover picture)

I find it interesting that the ambient temperature just needs to come down to 85F in order for it to work okay.

The actual console output. It cools down and heats up pretty fast.
This is what the mining pool sees of my contribution.

I can probably get a better rate if I vent the hot air out of the office… but that would require a bit of work. Hmm. Not too much work. I’m not going to run the A/C just for mining. That would eat into my … max $2.56/day in profits.

Estimated Profits. Mining Pool says more like $2.03 per day.