Freakin Awesome Software: Greenshot

Maybe I’m late to the party, and everybody already knows about this.   I was introduced to it by Michael Thornberry


Why I use it:

  • Hotkey to take a screen capture => easy to start
  • Once screen capture is taken, THEN I get to choose what to do with it, including “just save it as a !#!# file NOW” and “I need to touch it up a bit”
  • In the editor:
    • My most recently N used colors are remembered!!!!  (I use a LOT of color)
    • I can re-edit annotations after I’ve made them, making it closer to Visio than to Paint.Net in its flexibility
    • Built-in obsuffofusticate.  (stupendulous!)
    • When I’m done editing, I can re-enter the pipleline of “what do I want to do with this image”

I suspect I’ve donated to them twice now.  They are that awesome. 

About the only thing I can’t do with them (yet) is to take captures of multiple little areas and put them together to tell a story.   As soon as sourceforge lets me, I’m going to search for that feature request and upvote it.