The Hobbit

I was quite shocked to find that some folks on Twitter whose opinions usually match mine, did not like the Hobbit.  So it was with great trepidation that I went to see the movie tonight. I watched the 2D version tonight, and I’ll watch the 3D HFR version on Tuesday.

Critically acclaimed Drama it is not.

Goofy Yarn it is.

Songs it does have.  (All of them?) Almost Bollywood worthy transitions they are.

Well tied the intro is, to the Lord of the Rings.

Introduce additional content they are. 

Walking there is. Ponies too.

Gandalf giving single word orders, there is.

New Zealand tour it is.  The detail/color of the grass in Hobbiton gave me pause.

A crush does Gandalf have. 

In all, I’m very glad to have watched it.  I’m glad I could support all those hard working passionate New Zealanders.

I am VERY much looking forward to seeing the Higher Frame Rate version on Tuesday.  Few theaters have it… For example Stonybrook does not.  HFR only in 3D.  In the normal 24p whenever they pan the screen by more than a few degrees a second, everything blurs for me and I cannot focus on anything. There was a lot of detail in the Goblin stuff that was just too fast for me, couldn’t focus, and I’m hoping the 48p fixes that.  I’m glad that PJ can try out this technology update.

In other geeky news: using Google Docs for burn ups and demo notes and status reports so that our team can update concurrently, reducing human communication overhead.

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