Sunny’s Crash Course on FL-Studio

a. I have been very impressed by the “Crash Course” channel on YouTube –

b. When I first started using FL-Studio, most videos were either too slow, too vulgar, or not broad enough.  So, once I learned to use the system, I felt the need to make my own crash course video on the subject.

c.  After two takes and a lot of editing, I think its “good enough”.

d. If I could make my living at making instructional things fro people who wanted to learn them, wow, sign me up.

Here it is:


I did learn while doing this:

1. Its better to talk and demo at the same time, rather than reading off a script and then trying to match the demo to the script later.

2. Youtube “links” to things can only go to other Youtube or Google things.   So, I couldn’t link to a wikipedia article, for example.

3. I’m an engineer, not an artist.

Author: sunnywiz


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