Feed a Hungry Software Developer: Panda Express

We got a new fast food restaurant in the area:  Panda Express.   First time visiting.  

  • At noon.
  • With the parking lot full, the queue of people stretched back to exactly the door, and there were one or two open spots left in the dining room.  Ie, they know their flow and sized appropriately.
  • Time from joining the queue till getting to the counter:  about 11 minutes.
  • Food Cost:  2 entries + white rice + 2 eggrolls + water (no drink) ~= $10.  So, not inexpensive.
  • Food Quality:  very colorful; I’d put it higher than your average mom+pop Chinese restaurant, below PF Chang’s / Asia Moon.
  • They have brewed ice tea, which is important for my wife.  I forgot to check what kind of ice they have (cubes or nuggets)
  • Their fortune cookie doesn’t try to teach me Chinese.
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Author: sunnywiz


2 thoughts on “Feed a Hungry Software Developer: Panda Express”

  1. Where is this joint? They have them up in Indy and they’re pretty decent.

    Also, what good is a fortune cookie if it doesn’t teach you Chinese? 🙂

    1. Between the Olive Garden and the McDonalds on Hurstbourne just North of I64. Used to be an empty lot before, according to google and bing.

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