My First 3D print!

imageThanks to some email, a kind member showed me how to use (and clean) the Makerbot, and I got my first print!

Ok, the size is a bit off.  The full thing is supposed to be 20cm wide, I got 3cm.  I’ll have to work on that.  Here’s the original:

But more importantly, I learned about:

  • Unloading and reloading filament using the modified spring loaded extruder mod thingy
  • How to take apart the heads, the places where filament usually gets jammed
  • Snipping the ends off the filament when it looks grody
  • Balancing the bed using the secret thingamajiggy tool
    • The center of the bed is higher than the edges, there is such a thing as too tight, and then not tight enough, and this is within a mm, so use the thingamajiggy
  • Cleaning the bed
  • Spraying the bed with hairspray to maintain tackiness
  • ABS – heated bed, PLA – not
  • ABS – 220, PLA – something lower (I haven’t done PLA yet)

Furthermore, it looks like I’ll be downtown every Tuesday (I’m signed up to be a Mentor for Code Louisville), I’ll have plenty of time to go by there and do some printing.


Author: sunnywiz


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