First Foam-Core Build!


  • Doing a 45 degree bevel edge is hard and sloppy.  Easier to go with two separate pieces and miter them.   (If those are even the correct words)
  • Gluerunner is a short term solution.  Really need pins to hold things together, especially around large empty spaces like doors at the edge of a wall.
  • I don’t have fine motor skills.. the model is very awkward for me to work with.  AND the furniture doesn’t stay put yet.. would need some kind of silly putty sticky rubber goo ball tacky .. yes, that’s what it was called. tack.
  • I don’t think I like it enough to proceed with this medium.

I think I am going to go for a 3D print of the walls for the next iteration.  I need to learn how to

  • slice up the solid so that I have 4” x 4” pieces or so (can max do 5” on the short dimension)
  • but slice it in a way that it can connect with itself
  • slice it vertically so that I have two pieces (probably one with the windows and up, and the other from the sill downwards)
  • also in a way that it can connect with itself.

Or, maybe I’m done with it.  The easiest thing is to only have the virtual version. 

  • The furniture stays where I tell it to.
  • I can do a virtual walk through
  • It looks very pretty

Here’s a render from SweetHome3D overhead:


And here’s a POV in the kitchen:


The actual model when you are working with it:


Not sure where I’m going from here.  I think the next step is a class on Sketchup on Nov 5th (Tuesday) at LVL1.   Redraw the plan in sketchup (very easy, there’s a tutorial on how to do interior house stuff from a CAD layout) and do something with large solids intersecting others to create slices, like this:


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