Cube of Letters

In an effort to post more often, with half baked semi successful projects rather than comprehensive completely solved ones, I give you:


The idea was to take each letter and extrude it, cutting it out of the square. Having three letters lead to some juicy geometry on the inside…

The fail part is, I could not dig the supports out. A thin piece snapped off as I struggled with it. I would have to print it in sections and glue it together.

Also note that the interior has shells that are not joined to the exterior.

My next attempt is/will be a coaster. Of my name. I would like to get it such that I can print it without supports.

Tools used for this: Blender.
Workflow: add text, convert to mesh, remove doubles, mesh cube, Boolean, difference, export to STL, net fab, repair, export part.

Author: sunnywiz


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