A Coaster of My Name

Playing with font extrusion.. trying to make interesting shapes:


I did this by combining 4 things:

  • “SUNJEEV” extruded (default font)
  • “GULATI” extruded (default font)
  • a box, squished, to make the base plate (the “J” is taller than the rest)
  • A sphere, removed from the result, to make the “dip” in the top

This was all done in blender, then cleaned up in Netfabb, and then printed.

The drawback is there’s a LOT of support structure to remove.  I might try printing it on end with the fonts facing “up” at a 45 degree angle, but then I run into stability problems. 


This shows the bottom.  The previous print had been dark blue (a TARDIS Chess set, if you must know, printed by Joel), and when I changed to the light blue (throw away) filament, I just let it do the color change while printing.  I like the effect!   It hardly ever lasts more than a layer, so I might keep doing that, its fun.

Its not really a Coaster.  Thanks to the dip, cups don’t sit well in it.  Need to inset it with a square next time. Or a cylinder, and make it bigger.

I wish I could do multicolor prints.

Author: sunnywiz


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