Clogged 3D Printer: part 3

@jstill is the Man.


Here’s what he did to unclog the nozzle.

  1. Put it on the Grill, for a while, at 700 degrees or more.     At the end of this, it still had black stuff all over it.  (Much better than my idea of the oven.. no wife being annoyed at me for stinking up the house)
  2. Tried to remove the black stuff with ____ (I didn’t quite catch it) and Mineral Spirits.. didn’t work.
  3. Had a Eureka moment, realized it was all carbon, so he used Hoppe’s No. 9. Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent. A single wipe, and it all came off.
  4. ‘Tis beautiful.

I think for good measure, I’m going to pick up some guitar strings and run floss it as well.   Then put it on and test.    This time, definitely tighter on the barrel .. I think it was loose, when I removed it, there was filament where filament ought not be.


Author: sunnywiz


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