Frustrated about 3D Stuff

General feeling of frustration tonight (time of writing: Friday 5/9).  Hard to put into words.  But I could draw it.  (might need to zoom in)

3d printing roadmap

  • The Green things are things that I have figured out.
  • The Red things are things that definitely have not worked for me.
  • The Yellow Things are things I want to be able to to.
  • The Orange things are things that I haven’t yet figured out.   They depend on each other, there is usually a chain.
  • I forgot about Minecraft Prints.  Those fall under “Color print that I might could afford”, pretty much.

Latest Frustration Tonight

It turns out a Agisoft PhotoScan project file (.PSZ) looks like a ZIP file, with a doc.xml, which has the below structure – so I could write code to hunt through 1420+ images, and select the best 50, spread out.


The code looked like this (sorry, no LINQ, going old school here, command line parameters, etc)


Except that the PSZ not really a Zip file.  When I tried to stuff the modified doc.xml back into the .PSZ file, it came out as being corrupted.    Dead End?  Retry with 7Z?   Extra metadata?  older compression format? ?

I guess what I have is code that tells “which cameras I should enable”.   That’s workable, except that I need to grab frames/image[@path] so that a human could identify it. 

Future: Maybe I could write code to read the video, figure out the quality of the frames, and only extract the best frames?

Also: the $3000 version of Photoscan has a Python Scripting interface.  Sorry, I’d rather buy a color 3D printer than that.

However, good news, it looks like I might finally have a lens profile for a GoPro Hero3 in 720p (x120FPS) Wide mode.  I had to play with the focal length, for some reason numbers like 0.1mm and 2mm work way better than 7mm that folks advertise.   More to be proven later.

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