Soylent IS [for] People!


imageI am eagerly awaiting my first batch of  Turns out I’m not the only person .. coworker Doug is awaiting it as well.  But coworker Doug, being very interested in the subject, went a step further and bought all the ingredients for the most popular recipe:  People Chow 3.0.1 – “Tortilla Perfection”.  He brought some in today.    I had some (a mugful) for brunch.

  • Taste:  very corn-tortilla-ish
  • Texture: A little chalky, about the same as a slim-fast meal replacement thingy from wal-greens,
  • Burpiness:  Yes, I burped.  And I seem to continue to want to burp.
  • Hunger removal:  Yes, definitely removing hunger.   Past hunger, now at the “wow I just had 2 bean burritos from Taco Bell” stage.    from 1 mug. 
  • Wierdness:
    • One of the muscles in my back (leading up the left side of my neck) decided to cramp shortly after consuming the beverage.  Probably unrelated.

I would definitely have more.  

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