Freakin Holes

This is my part in NetFabb.  Its Fine.


This is my part in Blender with Select NonManifold.   its Fine.


This is what Repetier Host and Slic3r 0.99 think of my part.  They are not fine.


Following the Trail

Loading the part up in blender, translating it by the X Y Z indicated in Repetier host, and then putting the 3d cursor at the specified coordinates:


Nothing suspcious?    Rereading: it said “near edge”, so there should be an edge between those two locations.  Because the X and Z stay constant, its along the Y axis.   So it must be one of these guys:


Aha – I think I found it.   There’s actually several vertices here. Ctrl-+ a few times to grow selection, Shift H to hide unselected, and then move some stuff around.


Delete the vertex, look for holes and fix:


Send it back over to slicer, and try again:


Not winning today.

Update: didn’t seem to have any problems with slic3r 1.01.  Now I have to figure out how to configure Repetier Host to talk to a new slic3r install on the computer. (Update: very easy. Tell RH which directory slic3r lives in, and it handles the rest).

Author: sunnywiz


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