Hollow Headed Lamont

I received the Lamont print! 


2014-06-12 11.35.23 2014-06-12 11.35.41
2014-06-12 11.36.42 2014-06-12 11.37.35
  • Same cost as the Dan print, but larger.  This is because it was hollow, and you only pay for material laid down.     $9+$7 shipping approx.
  • I got it hollow by NOT closing up the hole on the bottom of the mesh, and instead using Blender’s Solidify modifier (with some clamp) to generate a skin about 3mm deep. 
  • It failed wall thickness in a few places, but I said “Print it Anyway” and they did.
  • I did a better job of edge creasing on this model, however, I think that 500 faces was still too blocky. 

So.. yes, I believe I am set.  I have a process to go from pictures to color 3D print of a person’s head.  It only takes about 2 hours at the moment, from snapping pictures to sending to Shapeways.  Then another week or two till the model comes back.   To make it “worthwhile” time-wise, I’d have to charge around $80 + printing costs (however much the client wants to pay determines final size).   Any takers?  Smile

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