Getting Photoscan to Work: 3/N

Good news!  Using a Nikon camera with a 55mm lense, I got pretty good (printable) results!

Subject:  Lamont Adams

Here’s how it went down:

  • I borrowed Dan Murphy’s Nikon DSLR Camera.  He had several lenses, I chose the 55mm lens (not prime; I just didn’t zoom it)
  • I sat the subject in an empty room in the center beneath four fluorescent lights.   By sitting them, they stay stiller; and I am taller, so I can get more details of their hair.
  • I started taking pictures from their back, so that the pictures across the front are contiguous / seamless.
  • I took 3 extra pictures from the front from a lower angle, to get nose and chin details
  • image
  • I took Lens Calibration pictures starting from as far away as possible; and got a lens profile.  I did not fit k4.
  • image
  • image
  • I used High accuracy matching and a Medium Point cloud; Low polygon count mesh (20k)
  • Minor editing of point cloud before meshing and closing holes (deleting floaters and fixing hair)
  • Export mesh to Wavefront .OBJ format; use Blender to rotate it and convert it to STL; export STL at 100x scale
  • Netfabb to clean up the STL and scale it precisely (100mm height)
  • 6 hours to print it.

I have ordered a small full color print from Shapeways to see what that looks like.    Should be here June sometime.

He looks kinda like the KFC Colonel.  What with that chin growth and all.

Addendum:   Instead of a 4/N post, I’ll just put him here:  Yellow Dan the Pirate Man with those dark sunken eyes.