LA Trip: Gastronomical, Dude

imageI love to eat.

I just got back from Los Angeles – my wife had a conference ( to attend. We made sure to put in as much interesting food into the trip as we could.  In no particular order other than me remembering them;  links to the ones I would recommend.

(Note: Picture used from my wife’s instagram feed)

In & Out Burger – D Double and Fries Tasted like a Big Mac.  Fries were almost like baked fries, but fluffy and with substance.  Delicious!
Jamba Juice – B, B, B OJ x 4 Love the fresh squeezed OJ.  I think we went almost every day, except for the day we went to Vivian’s.
Starbucks – C, C, C Pike Place Coffee Better than the stuff at the Hotel; not optimal, did not have a chance to find a local roaster.
Cabo Wabo – D Corn Cob
Delicious.  The drink was not as good.  Would not recommend, there’s much better fare around, unless you’re on foot with nowhere to go and you need to entertain people.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co – D Shrimp Collection
Fish Taco
The Fish Taco was much better than the Shrimp
Wolfgang Puck – L Spaghetti with Meat Sauce eh, ok.  Once again, tourist trap, nowhere else to go.
Vivian’s Millennium Café – B Pancakes and Sausage and stuff Little mom and pop diner; Food Good.
Healthyca – L NoHo Sausage Sandwich Very Good. (NoHo = North Hollywood) (Sausage and caramelized onions)
Homeboy Café and Bakery at LAX Terminal 4 – L Californian (Turkey, Avocado, 7-Grain bread) Delicious
Farmer’s Market at Grove – Brazilian Buffet – L (bunch of stuff) Decent food.  I recommend going here just for the diversity.  I did NOT get to try paella, or singapore stuff, or .. (lots of choices)
Umami Burger – D Truffle Burger, Home Made Ding Dong I apparently don’t like Truffle anything.  But the Ding Dong was great.
D’Lush – S Thai Iced Tea Delicious!

Fair warning, there’s a lot of LA stuff that I could post about. 

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