Setting up a Private Key Double-Bind Retention System

It sounds really fancy, but its not.

The other day, I got to my office, and found that my fob was missing from my keychain.  I traced my steps back, and found it on the ground next to my car – it had fallen entirely of my S-biner.  Not cool. 

So, this is my solution:

image image

I have transferred all keys to very solid rings – not the little itty bitty loops that I’ve had 2 of them unwind on me. 

Then, I’m attaching each ring to the other rings in a big circle of beeners.   So if one fails, I have a backup.  RAID?  Nay, i say, RABID – Redudant Array of Beeners Implemented Dually.    (I made that up)  (Its okay for me to laugh at my own joke)

Angry Birds, btw, is my office key.

The Gray fob is the Anytime Fitness fob; and the White fob is a Tile.  Interesting app, Tile.   Another post, perhaps. 

Author: sunnywiz


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