Setting up a Private Key Double-Bind Retention System

It sounds really fancy, but its not.

The other day, I got to my office, and found that my fob was missing from my keychain.  I traced my steps back, and found it on the ground next to my car – it had fallen entirely of my S-biner.  Not cool. 

So, this is my solution:

image image

I have transferred all keys to very solid rings – not the little itty bitty loops that I’ve had 2 of them unwind on me. 

Then, I’m attaching each ring to the other rings in a big circle of beeners.   So if one fails, I have a backup.  RAID?  Nay, i say, RABID – Redudant Array of Beeners Implemented Dually.    (I made that up)  (Its okay for me to laugh at my own joke)

Angry Birds, btw, is my office key.

The Gray fob is the Anytime Fitness fob; and the White fob is a Tile.  Interesting app, Tile.   Another post, perhaps. 

[S|V]andalizing some Flip-Flops

I has modified some Fleep-Flawps.

2014-10-04 19.09.56

My wife thinks I’ve lost my mind.   She refuses to be seen with me, or let me be seen by others, wearing them.  That’s okay, I can live with that.   In-house only.

Points being:

  • That is elastic shoelace cord .. without damaging the shoelace (no cutting!).   They were removed from another pair of dressy brown sneaker-like things – replaced with black elastic to make them blend in a bit better.  (Once again, a stylistic difference between my grown up and my inner juvenile)
  • They don’t flip or flop anymore either.
  • It holds the flip flop sandal snug up against my inter-toe’s.  I can even run in these things.
  • I don’t have to squish my toes to hold on to it anymore.  I can let my feet spread apart.  This is functionally very good for me.  (Here’s why toe-hold is not so good)
  • It’s a zero-drop solution – which is what I’m used to.  Try finding sandals which have no drop.  Just try.  We spent the day at DSW, Off Broadway Shoes, and Quest Outdoors, and not a single fudging pair has zero drop.   (Keens has a pair that comes close, but they didn’t have it in my size)    [Drop == the front is lower than the rear, or a “heel”.  I cannot handle heels anymore, my feet have grown back to barefoot-comfortable state]
  • The backs stuck out too far – so I measured it, and cut it off, with a pair of scissors.   Yet another reason why my wife won’t let me be seen in these.

I think that if somebody came up with a simple velcro loop thing, and some good marketing, they could make a possible killing with it.   If you do this, I just want a few pairs, thanks.  Maybe I’ll learn how to sew.  Hmm.

(I love my life, and my wife, btw)