Karma Go: Fail for us (so far)

Wife and I recently invested in (paid for 3 months of) a Karma Go.     We’re going to be using it in Florida for a week.. the place we’re staying doesn’t have an internet connection.  Its perfect for that..

However, we were wondering if we would be able to ditch our at-home TWC connection as well in favor of it.


a) Its Open-WIFI only – ie, “web site login page” to enable access – and 3 device maximum.     This means that things like the Apple TV cannot connect to it.

b) The “unlimited bandwidth” is capped to 3G – which means, some video, doesn’t play so well.  Other video works okay.    Seems to be playing video from our iPhones is not optimized – it doesn’t scan ahead, stutters, etc.  

c) I tried “cheating” and putting my windows 10 laptop into “bridge” mode, trying to drive a router from that – but nope, 20 minutes of farting around with it, didn’t solve it.

So..   Karma Go won’t be replacing our TWC connection, which means we’ll pretty much have it for vacation times only.  

Having test driven it for a few days, though, I can report that I can play Elite Dangerous while connected to it.

Author: sunnywiz


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