Elite Dangerous Revisited

My blog post from Dec 6th, I was just getting into ED.   I was going to do so many things…

Well, I joined a Power Play faction.     LYR, to be specific.  I wanted their fancy doodad drunk missile launcher.

And the game went from fun to a time-sucking soul-less grind.

Here’s the problem:

  • I am not particularly good at combat.  Even worse when I don’t have my HOTAS, just mouse and keyboard.
  • As a member of a faction, there’s these NPC’s who spawn specifically to kill you.  
    • Thanks to _AlliN_, I got clued in that these NPC’s are.. pretty hard.
    • I don’t have a good cargo+fighting ship – haven’t earned enough yet. 
  • Every hour became “I could do this other thing, or I could grab my next allotment and deliver it”. 
  • I calculated I’d have to play for minimum 2.5 hours a day to make my goal, doing nothing other than grinding.
    • 750 merits => 400 per week to maintain; assume 60 merits per day
    • with a 40t hold, that’s GET wait 30 GET deliver return wait 8 GET wait 30 GET deliver return.

After getting blown up in my T6, loosing about 33% of my assets.. in my power’s home system, no loess..  things became sober, and somber.   I tried making a go of it with a Cobra MK3, but with only 40T of cargo space, my favorite way of making cash was handicapped.   If I let go of shielding and a docking computer, I could get 60T..

I made a decision 2 days ago to quit my faction after grinding it out with them for two weeks.   I’ve already recovered an additional million (because now I can use a T6).. I intend to get up to about 25 million, then get an ASP (fully kitted out), and then MAYBE join a faction again.

Listening to Lave Radio (Podcast) episode 92, they talk about the grindyness of Power Play.    Glad I was not the only one.

Things I’m interested in next:

  • Looks like folks are reporting being able to play Horizons with low settings on graphics cards on laptops.   This is good; I might get Horizons – then I’ll have more places to land.
  • There was a new mining guide released, I’ll have to try that in my Type 6.   I found some pristine metal-rich rings.
  • I have 2 ships now.  I might try to do some smuggling in my Cobra – something small, that I could afford to fail.

I am, however, going on Christmas/Winter break (I’m on it now!) and this involves Florida and no HOTAS .. so, yeah.   Don’t know for sure what might happen.   Definitely won’t involve combat.

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