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Hey folks;  I’ve had to neglect my blog lately – with my RSI, I’ve been saving keystrokes for work.


imageThe above was put together via – source in smaller thumbnail picture (click to zoom in).  I’m really enjoying them for putting together small diagrams.

While I’ve been out, I’ve had some adventures.  A Summary of Adventuring:

Adventure: Macbook

I inherited my wife’s 2008 Macbook; upgraded it to max ram and an SSD, and wow that’s a cool machine.  I would definitely use a Macbook as my main driver in the future.  I even liked the O/S; it made sense once I learned how to think like it.   I did have to install VMware Fusion to do some of my work-necessary stuff though.  (Macbook has been wiped and returned to wife in exchange for desktop computer)

I did get to learn about installing OS/X El Capitan, and rescue boot disks, and Option-R, and several other things that help me be much more comfortable around a Mac.

I’m also glad that the maximize icon on a mac, now actually goes fullscreen in most apps, instead of the full-vertical crippled thing that it used to do.

Adventure: Upgrading the rest of my laptops

Success with the Macbook lead to me looking at all the hardware I have.   Alas – most of it is max spec. 

One machine I could up to a 64GSSD, so I did .. it can go from 4G to 8G ram, but we’re using it as a conference room machine, so no bit deal there.  Most anybody does with it is browse the web and remote to another machine.

Another machine, I just need to pitch.  Something is wrong with it.  BSOD’s and stuff during installs, did not run ubuntu!  Craziness.

My main work laptop, at Windows 10, is unstable; needs to go back to Windows 7.  Samsung Series 7 Chronos.  Takes 3-4 minutes to boot.  I’ve tried the solutions that people mention, but no luck so far.

Adventure: Offsite Backup

With my desktop back, I’m revisiting using bittorrent sync to set up an offsite backup of my terabyte-size store of stuff.   ETA: 13 days to sync at the moment, but I have it throttled; will unthrottle overnight.  

Adventure: Adapting to RSI recovery

This includes Dragon Naturally Speaking, as well as some home-brew methods of strength testing.  I have a chart.  Will post later when chart grows more.

Adventure: Giving a Talk

I gave a 10? 11? minute lightning talk on my RSI discoveries.  Link to event, which has a link to the slideshare –

That’s it for now.   There are so many cool threads going on, but none of them is developed enough to do a good post about it.    More later.

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