Life as it is: Geekyness under-reported

I made a conscious decision to replace “look good” with “be”. As such.. many things .. i could share about.. but then i question my motive. How urgent is it that I share about it? Hence, not a lot of updates here. Additionally, Saturday went from “Misc” time to “Grandchild” time, which pushed a bunch of things to Sunday, which squeezes out large blocks of time available to thoroughly document geekyness.

However, now, i have this sense of .. i don’t know what I’ve been geeking around with over the last few months (since October). Let me see if I can remember:

  • Lots of learning about driving my used Nissan LEAF in winter.
  • Lots of work things:
    • At work, got another PHP migration to AWS project -> but this time, the client uses Macs and does development, so I ended up with a Mac Mini on my desk, and I’ve learned about homebrew and all kinds of Mac things. I like the Mac. Also hit some limitations of elastic beanstalk and learned more about git submodules. Ongoing.
    • Inherited an Ops Role from a coworker leaving. Still learning the details of it, one emergency at a time.
    • Another project at work: LouisvilleMetro/WazeCCPProcessor – typescript, postgres, terraform, AWS. This one is open source!!! I’ve had to learn a lot of things for this one – my first time in the world of webpack and launch.json. Ongoing.
    • Let go of the maintenance role that I’d been doing for 2 years. Very grateful to have professional kick ass coworkers who can take things over from me.
  • I spent a lot of time prepping a 1-hour long EV presentation for an event that, sadly, got cancelled. But! the presentation is ready, for the next thing that needs something like that.
  • Started running (a little bit) again. Using the Spring Moves app, I like it. Its very nice having the right Tempo, and its not the same playlist over and over.
  • Used my FLiR camera to figure out the extent of a water leak in the family room. Dried it up, its raining again, not wet yet, will check again tonight. Very useful device, but not used very often.
  • Pretty regular about getting up at 6:10am most weekdays, and having 40 minutes to myself to “wake up”. I like it.

Out of time! Gotta go… get this cat off my lap, get dressed, get to work, work on my two projects. We also have an interesting quandry of how, in an inherited codebase, there’s a DST thing that kicks in on a shift and might be causing an extra billable hour, maybe.

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