I work at an awesome company!

I signed up for Short Term Disability & Discombobulation today.  No big deal, one might say, but the manner in which it happened is what was different.

Previous experiences with companies:  “Hi, we’re the really large Human Resources Department, and we have your best interests in mind, and thus here is the voodoo that you can choose from.”  I know they do their jobs and I have to trust them on that, but I definitely did not feel like I had any participation or representation in the choices available to me.

This experience:  “We’re thinking about maybe making some of this stuff available, if we sign up as a company we get a 40% discount over straight individual rates, lets meet with them and find out what our interest level is, we need 4 people to make it a go-ahead”.  We got 8.   I participated.   Very informed decision. 

(We referred to our Aflac sales team as Mr. and Mrs. Aflac; they are married.)