[S|V]andalizing some Flip-Flops

I has modified some Fleep-Flawps.

2014-10-04 19.09.56

My wife thinks I’ve lost my mind.   She refuses to be seen with me, or let me be seen by others, wearing them.  That’s okay, I can live with that.   In-house only.

Points being:

  • That is elastic shoelace cord .. without damaging the shoelace (no cutting!).   They were removed from another pair of dressy brown sneaker-like things – replaced with black elastic to make them blend in a bit better.  (Once again, a stylistic difference between my grown up and my inner juvenile)
  • They don’t flip or flop anymore either.
  • It holds the flip flop sandal snug up against my inter-toe’s.  I can even run in these things.
  • I don’t have to squish my toes to hold on to it anymore.  I can let my feet spread apart.  This is functionally very good for me.  (Here’s why toe-hold is not so good)
  • It’s a zero-drop solution – which is what I’m used to.  Try finding sandals which have no drop.  Just try.  We spent the day at DSW, Off Broadway Shoes, and Quest Outdoors, and not a single fudging pair has zero drop.   (Keens has a pair that comes close, but they didn’t have it in my size)    [Drop == the front is lower than the rear, or a “heel”.  I cannot handle heels anymore, my feet have grown back to barefoot-comfortable state]
  • The backs stuck out too far – so I measured it, and cut it off, with a pair of scissors.   Yet another reason why my wife won’t let me be seen in these.

I think that if somebody came up with a simple velcro loop thing, and some good marketing, they could make a possible killing with it.   If you do this, I just want a few pairs, thanks.  Maybe I’ll learn how to sew.  Hmm.

(I love my life, and my wife, btw)